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If the extent of market or systematic risk were thhe only
influencing factor, then a portfolio's return would always
be equal to the beta-adjusted market return. For instance, a gradient of 1.0 signifies
that for every unit increase of market return, the portfolio return additionally increases by one
unit. Undrrtaking managers can create multiple risk
management planss from oone template. One of many most
commonly used absolute danger metrics is standard deviation,
a statistical measure of dispersion round a central tendency.
You look at the average return oof an investment after which find itts average normal
deviation over the same time interval. Thus, ann S&P 500 investor
might expect tthe return, att aany gien leveel
throughout this period, to be 10.7% plus or minus the usual debiation oof 13.5%
about 67% of the time; he may assume a 27% (two commonplace deviations) enhance or
lower 95% of the time. Thus, studying abolut stress levels can actualoly help people obtain their objectives.
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