At BP Vision, we use entertainment as a tool for nation building as we provide breath-taking engineering solutions to events. Since 2003 we have engaged in several society development programs including thought provoking stage dramas, value building seminars and charity oriented concerts while still engaging in our regular business of entertainment engineering.

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I am delighted to welcome you to BP Vision Ltd homepage. You may not have been to our office physically, but you are here now on the virtual office and it’s a great pleasure to have you as our esteemed guest at this moment.

BP Vision is creative entertainment firm that is into the business of entertainment but with a deeper and more essential dimension. Entertainment is popularly known and seen as a means of affording pleasure. This is evident in the way the conventional dictionary defines it. But there is an inherent and salient part of entertainment which is all about educating the people. That is fundamental to us at BP Vision. We use entertainment to educate, entertain and care with a special focus on nation building.

We believe Nigeria and Africa at large can rise up to her potential and take rightful place in the comity of nations and that’s why we go the extra mile to raise the bar in every project we execute. We challenge the status quo in our approach and that is our trademark!

In our resolve to use entertainment as a tool for nation building, we are not unmindful of the reality of unpleasant situations around us; this is the reason for BPV foundation –a not for profit organisation that cares for the poor. Our hope and confidence is that someday, our society will be a better place for all if we join hands together in whatever we do to make it better. As you tour this virtual office, please take time to enjoy our past projects and keep a date with us as you look forward to the upcoming ones. We would also be glad to hear from you through our comment box.

Thank you for the visit. Please enjoy.

Michael Asuelime
Creative Director

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Let me use this medium to introduce to you our latest project ‘’ENTREAT’’…a feature film which is a break from the norm! A total deviation from what you are used to... I will keep updating you as we progress. Watch out for the next big thing!


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BP Vision is cutting-edge entertainment company set up to redefine the role of entertainment using creative concepts in events and stage solutions as tools for connecting people to their environment and roots.

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To be the number one in content development for events and media also delivery of event engineering solutions in Nigeria.

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