Grey Area

Grey Area

Someone once said “In this world, those who seek the truth will also find trouble”. This phrase simply explains the uncertainty and confusion in the world. The world is a place where things suddenly change in a split second sometimes with prior notice and at other times, without any form of notice. It’s a world where people go into war just because one sees White and the other sees Black, hence an argument ensues and consequently a war breaks out, yet none of them remembers that there is an area that lies between the black and white called GREY.


Grey area is the area that is neither black nor white. If you say it is white, you might be right and if you say it is black, you might as well be right but it is simply the grey area.

This is the exact situation a mother finds herself in the play –GREY AREA. She says "My son desires to know the truth, but I deserve his love forever especially after his father deserted us. The reverend Father says “the truth you don’t know can kill you” and I say” the truth you know can’t hurt you”.
…he must not know the truth!"                  

GREY AREA is a stage play written and directed by Michael Asuelime featuring the UK based AMAA 2012 nominee Best Actor in leading role, WALE OJO, the multi-talented ELFREDA ROWLAND, MICHAEL ASUELIME Jnr, AJIBADE SMART, and the ADELEKE twins. The play which is written in a manner that truly represents what theatre is all about also features a special choral group directed by Lolo Eremie.

BP Vision Ltd as a creative company has over the years clearly shown its ability in taking the theatre scene in Nigeria to the next level. The company succeeded in staging mind-blowing plays like MYSTERY and SAME PAGE which featured leading actors from both within and outside the country.

This time, the company has worked hard to improve on the successes it has recorded so far. The director Michael ensured quality in every aspects of the production from the set design, the lighting, sound and the very best of acting from the cast to create an unforgettable connection with the audience.

It was a play that kept everyone at the edge of their seats. As expected, Wale Ojo gave a fantastic display of himself that many will not forget in a long time; just as Elfreeda Rowland proved to the audience that she is not a baby in this business. The two lead actors were at their best as they kept delivering their lines with high level of professionalism to the amazement and admiration of the captivated audience.  The acting ability of Ajibade Smart must also be commended as he surpassed the expectation of many who saw him during AMBO 4 reality show where he finished as the 1st Runner-up. The play also featured some fantastic child actors; the Adeleke Twins and Michael Asuelime Jr. Michael Asuelime Jr who played the lead role in a short film ‘Big Man’ which has won many awards both locally and internationally.  One aspect of the play that the audience will not forget so soon is the choral presentation by the choral group put together by Lolo Eremie. The choral group dressed in the proper choir robes in a typical church setting, sang Halleluyah chorus; this time in a different but scintillating dimension. How beautiful could it be when different voices come together to form one amorous tune! That was the feeling the choral group left in the hearts of many in the audience on the day.


The play further stamped the leading role of BP Vision Ltd as a foremost creative company and of course further endeared Michael Asuelime to the excited audience as a writer of writers. For many that could not see Grey Area the first time it was staged; they can look forward to a future date when it might be celebrated in the theatre hall once again but definitely with a more interesting twist.