Journey of An African Woman

“Journey of an African Woman”

“Journey of an African Woman”, This is an all-female cast story that brings together on the same stage three generations of African women; the generation with the plight, the generation that reacted and the generation that is compelled to inherit the consequences.

“JOAW” is the interpretation of the plight, reaction and repercussion of a woman, living in the African context. Her life is filled with music, dance and drama.

MUSIC they say is the food of love.DANCE is the expression of joy.

The journey of every woman starts from the womb everywhere in the world. But there is something that differentiates the journey of an African woman from her counterparts in the other parts of the world. The African woman is faced with the battle of complex from childhood. She is treated as the second fiddle to the male child who naturally acts as the superior specie in the society. In the struggle for reckoning and respect, she is forced to deny her identity and tries to take up the identity of the male child.

Her struggle continues even in marriage with relatives of husband’s family. She is saddled with the responsibility of being a good wife, a priceless mother and a successful woman in the society. No one really cares to know how she balances all of these. If she fails in one aspect, she is castigated and reproached.

She gets the worst treatment of her life if by whatever reason her husband dies. She is taken through wicked and deadly traditional experience all in the name of observing traditional rites. In some clans she is subjected to dangerous rites like sleeping with the corpse of her husband for days. This has been on from one generation to the next and has been accepted as culture. Even the people that do not agree with this treatment meted out to the womenfolk seem powerless because it is an accepted cultural norm in the society. This is the Journey of an African Woman.

One wonders if this should be the journey of a woman without whom the world will probably cease to exist. Yet, this is our reality!

Over the years, men and women of substance have stood up to form alliances against the unfriendly mentality against the African woman. But apparently, the advocacy has not been able to eradicate this mentality. Therefore, it is imperative that the campaign against the unfriendly perception and treatment of the African woman must be strengthened.

Apparently, the advocacy for a change in the perception and treatment of the womenfolk has relapsed with the confidence that the initial advocacy will achieve the intended result. The change we want can only be achieved with consistent awareness. The friendly treatment we want to see meted out to all women irrespective of status; tribe and age can only be realized with a strong campaign. The awareness must be sustained. The advocacy must be strengthened until we have a women friendly society.


BP Vision Ltd on its part has decided to revive the campaign for a female friendly society with the JOURNEY OF AN AFRICAN WOMAN. A stage play written by Michael Asuelime to portray the plight of the African woman from childhood till her old age. This is not just a stage play but a campaign to re-awaken the consciousness of the society to the need to be women friendly. However, we need you; we need every one that counts in this campaign. We must change the journey of an African woman from sour to sweet and palatable.