Press Release

Drama to celebrate 10 years of BP Vision

When Michael Asuelime, the actor, playwright, producer and director, who likes to refer to himself as a storyteller set up BP Vision Ltd. 10 years ago, it was for excellence on stage. The company has been producing breathtaking, thought provoking, educative and family friendly entertainment as was the case with Same Page Reloaded on June 29 at the MUSON Centre, Onikan, Lagos.

The stage play, Same Page Reloaded was perhaps the most publicised, most talked about, most anticipated in the year. Written and directed by Michael Asuelime the publicity must have paid off as the Agip Recital Hall of the MUSON Centre was filled for the three shows that took place at 2.00 p.m., 4.00 p.m. and for the command performance at 6.00 p.m.

It featured remarkable performances by the cast including: Uzor Osimkpa, Okey Uzoeshi, Keira Hewatch, Ajibade Smart, Sparx, Carmillus-Ibe Orji, Michael Asuelime Jnr and Tosin Onanuga.

Inspired by true life experiences, the plot is based on a couple who fall in love but are soon separated by career and assumptions.

Their separation takes them through different paths in life, with two different but identical and unforgivable secrets. They find their way back together on the same page, and now, they have to find a way to keep the pages together.

It reveals the many irreconcilable differences in the society with respect to marriage and the relationship between man and woman generally.

The play cannot be said to be comedy although it is full of wit and humour personified in the character of Muyiwa, who is neither stupid nor intelligent.

Every member of the cast justifies involvement in the production, which is one of the biggest the director and his company have put up in the last decade. Among such productions are: Grey Area, Same Page and Journey of an African Woman. In each the undying passion of Asuelime is not only felt but also experienced fully. For the production of Same Page Reloaded every member of the cast got the opportunity to showcase brilliance in acting and singing resulting in the total entertainment of the audience. The production was a fitting 10th anniversary gift to the audience from Asuelime, who has registered his name as one of the best playwrights the country has produced in recent time. Thanks also go to Deborah Ohiri who served as music director for the play. Not only the actors, director and music director were at their best on the night, to give the script verve and help the audience understand it better, the set was an epitome of ingenuity.

Designed to depict two apartments; one for the men and the other for the women, the two sections came with the best of props to perfectly portray the class of the main characters in the play.

The lighting too was to create an excellent ambience, pleasing to the sight. Perhaps because of the celebratory nature of the production, the organisers said it attracted every form of support that was needed to produce a memorable stage production.

The list included: Colours in Africa, a leading furniture company which provided the captivation and befitting furniture for the set; costume by a combination of leading clothing firms like Ouch!, Yomi Casuals and Ruff ā€˜nā€™ Tumble.

Asuelime is a Nigerian from Edo State who since the age of nine, took to stage and even though he is a graduate of Biochemistry from the University of Lagos, he has been a part of the entertainment industry for over two decades as playwright, actor, producer and director.

From a tender age, Asuelime attended productions like the Sikulu and Epitombi from South Africa, and several others by Nigerian playwrights. By the time he got into the university, he was writing, directing and producing several stage plays.

He is also a public speaker with strong passion for the youth in leadership and is married with three boys, with one of them as part of this production.