Same Page Reloaded

Same Page Reloaded

It was the most publicised stage play, the most talked about, the most anticipated stage play in the year, again from the stables of BP Vision Ltd. 29th June 2013, was publicised as if everything was going to be suspended for SAME PAGE RELOADED. A stage play written and directed by Michael Asuelime featuring a carefully selected cast which included; Uzor Osimkpa, Okey Uzoeshi, Keira Hewatch, Ajibade Smart, US based Nigerian Star Sparx, Carmillus-Ibe Orji, Michael Asuelime Jnr and Tosin Onanuga.

The cast who justified their involvement in a production of such magnitude did well to make the audience entertained. It was no surprise that they all had an opportunity to showcase their brilliance in acting and singing. The audience expected first-rated delivery of lines, which is the hallmark of Michael Asuelime’s Productions, but obviously, not everyone expected the actors to scintillate them with their beautiful voices. To some, it was a part of the actors they didn’t know until that day.

As always, the ace producer, Michael Asuelime who has registered his name as one of best playwrights of our time gave the audience an anniversary gift they won’t forget in a long time. The script inspired by true life story is the story of a man and a woman brought together in love by time and affection. They are soon separated by career and assumptions; their separation takes them through different paths in life, with two different but identical and unforgivable secrets. Their different paths have led them back together on the same page, and now, they have to find a way to flip the pages together again. It is a story that revealed the many anomalies that happen in our society today with respect to marriages and the relationship between man and woman generally. The play which in itself was not a comedy although full of wits and humour; especially with the character of Muyiwa (Ajibade Smart) who was portrayed as neither stupid nor intelligent man in the play.

Corresponding with the script was the set designed and built with ingenuity. It was a set for two apartments; one for the men and the other for the women. The two sections both had the best of props to perfectly depict the class of the main characters in the play. The beauty of the set was brought to the fore by the well harmonized lighting that created an excellent ambience, pleasing to the sight. Considering the celebration nature of the production, it attracted every form of support that was needed to produce a memorable stage production. With support from ‘Colours in Africa’, a leading furniture company who provided the captivating and befitting furniture for the set; a perfect set of costumes provided by a combination of leading clothing firms like Ouch, Yomi Casuals and Ruff ‘n’ Tumble. What better costumier can you think of for a stage play? No wonder all the actors appeared in stunning outfits from the beginning to the end of the play.

To many that saw the play, they got more than they expected and nothing short of quality production which is typical of BP Vision Ltd. Some even confessed that they felt like they were watching a live Tyler Perry play and that’s why many have acclaimed Michael Asuelime as the Tyler Perry of Nigeria.