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Jan 28

Uche Nnaji

Uchechukwu Godswill Nnaji is the Visionary and Creative Director of Nigeria’s foremost Fashion and Lifestyle brand, OUCH. Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, he had his primary and secondary education in Lagos before attending the University of Lagos for a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

Uche Nnaji began his journey into the world of fashion, knotting ties and making shirts for fellow students with an unusual touch of style and excellence.

The young UCHE Nnaji after being denied a student visa to the United Kingdom for a Post Graduate Degree, invested his refunded tuition fees which he had saved up from profits of making clothes for fellow student into his passion, by paying for a 12 sq meter store on the back-side of Onigbongbo-Maryland a suburb of Lagos where he had an existing tailoring store. From its first OUCHlet in 2007, the OUCH brand has expanded to include three other Ouchlets in Surulere and Lekki, and today delivers world-class fashion and lifestyle services to a growing clientele comprising of a vast majority of Nigeria’s fashion elites.

The exceptionally talented lifestyle designer has participated in one of fashion’s most prestigious and popular platforms. In February 2010, OUCH alongside other international designers and global fashion labels, took part in the New York Fashion Week at the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan. At the NYFW, Uche introduced an excited audience to the Platinum Collection range, which is an exclusive OUCH range. The OUCH designs have been on other international fashion shows like the African Fashion Week London in August 2011;where again he introduced the "234 Urban Street-Wear" range to the Nigerian Community in London,from the OUCH Label.

Named as one of the MARA foundation mentors for young africans,The young style entrepreneur who is fondly called the "Style Doctor" by his healthy clientele base and social media followers has also received numerous awards and laurels, which includes The Mode Men 2011 Designer brand of the Year, 2012 Young Entrepreneur of the year and Style Entrepreneur of the Year at The Future Awards in 2009. In 2011, he was named Ambassador for the Center for Values and Leadership (CVL) in acknowledgement of his exemplary leadership. On the 1st of Jan 2012, ThisDay Style; the style section of ThisDay newspaper Nigeria, named this sartorial connoisseur as one of Nigeria's Best-dressed Men in 2011,likewise been named as one of the 25 most stylish men in Nigeria in Mode Men magazine of September 2012. The label has also been on popular Television shows in Africa including West African Idol and Mnet Africa’s Studio 53.

On the global scene, The Style Doctor has been invited as speaker on an entrepreneur panel in Oct 2012 at prestigious Columbia State University in New York. In Sept 2012,he was also invited by the Africa Union to come share his inspiring story and experience at the African Union youth conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where he went and represented over 80million Nigerian youths. He enjoys inspiring excellence in youths and is passionate about influencing young people positively and the need to project the right image as he believes 'Working your perception into reality is everything’.

The Style Doctor sees himself as part of the change agents for his generation in moving Nigeria forward, which resulted in an invitation to Abuja in April 2012 by the then Nigerian Minister of Youths and Sports, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, to speak with and inspire Youth corps members.

He was also a speaker at the Youth Economic Empowerment Summit in Asaba Delta State where he spoke to thousands of Nigerian youth. In December of 2013, he was invited by Mr President to the State House where Uche along with 99 other influential Nigerian youth were conferred with the title of "Guardians Of The Future"

As a forefront believer in the Nigerian Fashion and Style industry, The Style Doctor organizes free sessions and mentoring for his peers in fashion business and the creative industries as a whole .

The Style Doctor considers music as his first love, which he proved in 2012 with the launch of his debut music single titled "Call Me", followed by another titles Nwanyi-Oma in which he feat miss Kedike.

The style Doctor enjoys strumming on his bass guitar during spare time, playing billiards, tennis and swimming. He continues to blaze a trail in Nigeria’s emerging and competitive fashion sphere; creating retail Fashion Lifestyle services to an upwardly mobile discerning client base.

The Style Doctor is happily married to beautiful Onyinye and they both live in Lagos.

He is the Stylist for the lead actors in the movie, ENTREAT

Jan 28

Stanlee Ohikuare

Stanlee Ohikhuare hails from Owan West L.G.A of Edo State; a village called Ivbiodohen to be precise. He is a graduate of the University of Benin from where he obtained a bachelors degree in Fine Arts specializing in painting. 

He also has a National Diploma in General Arts from Yaba College of Technology, Lagos. His earlier education can be traced to St. Celia’s Home Nursery School in Ikoyi- Lagos, Hope Primary School, Queens Drive,Ikoyi – Lagos, Command Children’s’ School, Enugu and Union Secondary School, Enugu.

His professional background covers employment as a graphic artist and Illustrator in FRANK MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, SIGNATURE FOLIO COMMUNICATIONS & DIGIPRINTS INTERNATIONAL. He also
freelanced as a cartoonist for Healthmate Newspapers and Daily Times where he worked briefly with Josey Ajiboye. His first Creative Boss in the advertising Industry; specifically at Signature Folio after graduation was Tayo Aje.
Stanlee’s last paid employment before establishing his own firm was at DIGIPRINTS International where he worked with Talal Wehbe and by extension; the Mukarim Family (Mouka Foam)
His Earliest introduction to main stream production and multimedia came from free-lancing engagements as a storyboard artist with SO&U Saatchi under the Creative Direction of Uche Anoruo. It was there that he also met some of his long term inspirational friends such as Tolu Ajayi, Patrick Opene and Segun Edun – like minds with whom he has shared almost every new idea he has imagined ever since. His free-lancing soon extended to animatics as soon as he began his self training in 3D Animation.
Today, he is the C.E.O of one of Nigeria's most notable Animation Studios - MIGHTY JOT STUDIOS; the platform under which he is serving the world with Nigeria's first feature - length 3d animated movie, LIFESPAN THE MOVIE which has been in production since 2005 and due for release soon.
His company offers Design Consultancy Services in Advertising, Branding, Content Creation, Events and Brand Activation. Mighty Jot Studios has eventually become a specialized film/electronic media production company that is practically run on what Stanlee describes as “Dry Cell”.
Over a period of nine years, Stanlee shot several TV Commercials for advertising agencies, multinationals and several other interest groups before embarking on his movie making quest.
He finished his first feature-length movie -”HEAVY BEAUTY” in March 2012 and has proceeded to shoot LOOP the Movie(October 2012), THE DEADWOOD(November 2012), TUNNEL the Movie(January 2013), STING the Movie (May 2013) and OBLIVIOUS (May 2013). His movie “Loop” became viral when he premiered it online on the 1st of February 2013. The movie so far has five nominations and one award. He just finished shooting a first of its kind HORROR MOVIE titled "KPIANS - The Feast of Souls."
Stanlee’s style is surreal, neo-realistic and drenched in “chiaroscuro”…whenever the opportunity presents itself. His fascination towards Chiaroscuro and his surreal disposition are offshoots from his painting background as well as his deep imagination.
Stanlee’s workflow as a Director/Cinematographer/Art Director includes certain pre-production rituals that he considers a MUST – Storyboarding, Treatment And “No holds barred” execution plan – STAN. He believes in finishing challenging production off location before the camera rolls.
As a socially responsible professional, Stanlee organizes an annual creativity and IT training seminar in collaboration with his first training ground, Yabatech, tagged Creator Factor. During the seminars, he gathers the crème of the advertising and production industry to train over 500 students and enthusiasts absolutely Free of charge. This has been on for three years now.
Stanlee’s skills cut across writing, directing, cinematography, lighting, art direction, photography, editing, special effects, stunts supervision, illustration, painting, sculpture and 3D Animation.
Stanlee is a self in all of the above- mentioned fields except of course; painting .He is a photography enthusiast and he credits is success in cinematography to his love for photography.
His mastery of color and lighting is attributed to his background as a painter while his exploits in 3d animation are all linked to his training in GENERAL ARTS prior to his specialization in painting at the prestigious Yaba College of Technology from where he bagged a National Diploma. This is because Animation requires exceptional Drawing, Painting, Graphics, Sculpting and Mathematical skills.
Just like a couple of his most admired Directors in the international circles, Stanlee did not attend any film schools – he simply went to the films and got initiated to the art of film making. As a child, the most fascinating motion picture that made a lasting impact on him was “THE SEVENTH VOYAGE OF SINBAD”
The people who have inspired Stanlee to success include Osayande Aghamiogho Osunde (1961-2008).A man who boosted his confidence in himself and provided mentorship shortly after Stanlee left his last job to establish his own business; Femi Odugbemi – who Stanlee admires for his creativity, simplicity, humility and open-mindedness, Odi Okundaye – Stanlee’s Pastor and friend for over 13 years, Okwoju EL-Dragg Leonard – Stanlee’s Drawing and Painting Lecturer in the University of Benin and a man who he considers the “best painter in Nigeria”, Salvador Dali – a Spanish Painter whose books and paintings stanlee encountered in 1995 and brought him up to speed with his already inbred inclination towards Surrealism in his creative works, Quentin Tarantino –Stanlee’s most admired director, StanLee of Marvel comics – the brain behind the “Spiderman”, Stephen Spielberg, James Cameron, Peter Jackson– the director of “Lord of the Rings” – Stanlee’s most watched movie and finally, Francis Ford Coppola – the director of the movie with the cinematic style of Stanlee’s fantasy – The Godfather.
Stanlee lives and works in Lagos – Nigeria and is happily married to Daisy Ohikhuare nee Okosun and together they have two sons & a daughter.
His hobbies include photography, basketball, singing and drawing.

Jan 28

Elvina Ibru

Elvina Baby Ibru was born on the 22nd of May 1972 in Lagos, Nigeria. Her love for the arts started as far back as she can remember, due to the fact that her late mother Mrs. Elsie Nelly Michael Ibru was an avid fan of the arts as a whole and introduced her child to the magical world of musical theatre at a very early age.

Elvina realized she had a flair for acting when at the age of 8, while in boarding school in England; she was assigned by her dramatic arts teacher to take her grade one speech and drama examination (an examination that is normally taken by 11yr olds!) She passed the examination with distinction (the only student to have ever achieved that at her school) and her teacher realized that she had a prodigy in her hands. The rest as they say is history.

From that time till the end of her secondary school career she participated and excelled in all areas of the arts, she succeeded in attaining her grades 1 to 8 and teacher’s certificate in speech and drama; grades 1 to 5 in piano and was the chairman of her school’s public speaking team which eventually became the National public speaking team. She won several competitions locally and nationally and became quite a celebrity in Kent County where her school was situated. As much as she denied her craving to enter the world of musical theatre fully (she claimed that she wanted to become a barrister,) she could no longer deny her love for the theatre when in 1989 she auditioned to get into the largest and most prestigious theatre youth group in England called The National Youth Music Theatre.) Nineteen thousand youths auditioned, twenty-four got in and Elvina was one of them, alongside the now extremely famous Jude Law.

Elvina was hooked and finally gave into her heart and at the age of 18 after her Advanced level studies, she auditioned and bagged a place at the famous London Academy of Performing Arts where after three years, she graduated with honours and the classical prize in her pocket. After graduating, she was fortunate enough to have a very successful career in the West-End of London, performing at theatres such as the ‘The Old Vic’, ‘The Lyric’ and the ‘Lyceum Theatre’. She ended her career in radio, with the British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC), when she decided to go back to the university. Three years later, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in international relations from Webster University, London. She immediately flew back to her beloved Nigeria and started trying to make a difference in the world of the arts there. Throughout her career in Nigeria, she has been involved in broadcasting, performance in music, theatre and film and eventually she opened her own production house called 2wice As Nice Limited. The company specializes in producing documentaries, concerts, events and television shows including the highly successful first ever series of Idols West Africa, alongside Freemantle Media (the owners of the product) and MNET(Africa’s top cable television network).
Her hobbies includes swimming, reading and of course, going to the theatre.
She is a happily single mother of a beautiful baby boy called Elisha.

Jan 28

Grace Edwin-Okon

A multi-talented and versatile actress, script writer and producer, she has been in the entertainment industry since 1999 and she is well respected for her skills.
Her journey started in the world of beauty pageants while still an undergraduate at the Delta State University where she won the Miss Face of DELSU pageant. She moved on to become the second runner-up in the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) in 1999.
A graduate of English Language, She has featured in several movies and soap operas among which are:

  • Tears in Heaven
  • Extreme Measures
  • My Dream
  • Prodigal Brother
  • Candle Light
  • Doctors’ Quarters
  • Heavy Beauty

Grace’s love for children also influenced her first four productions titled Kids & Praise 1 & 2, FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT and Numberland (an animated children’s series she produced for 3s Dali Ltd.). She recently produced her first feature length movie titled "Heavy Beauty". Thereafter she produced short films titled “Sister’s Keeper”, A Fool's Tale, the award winning documentary drama ( AMVCA Best Documentary) for Scarlet Trail Productions titled “The Deadwood” and a feature film for Parables Entertainment titled “Tunnel”, a short film for Riverside Productions titled "Oblivious", a feature film for 7th Media Productions titled "Sting" and a Horror flick for Mighty Jot Studios titled "Kpians", her script writing credits include:"Heavy Beauty"," The Deadwood", "Chiga Chiga" ,"Fool's Tale", "The Maid" and "My Creek Town Adventure". She is married to Alex Edwin-Okon, a Travel consultant, Administrator and Businessman.

Jan 28

“ENTREAT” the Synopsis

Sharon is a young executive who owns a growing consultancy firm in Lagos. She is in an open secret relationship with Tunde, one of her staff. Tunde loves Sharon but he’s not very sure if she will be totally humble and respect him as the man in the relationship. After a night out together, they had an argument over who should have settled the bill, and the argument resulted in a quarrel which took Tunde away from the office and separated them for some days. In a bid to resolve the issue, Sharon went to Tunde’s house and there she found something more interesting…a script; which Tunde has been working on privately.

The script became the film as Sharon reads and got engrossed in it. The script is a story of four friends; Michael, Segun, Muyiwa and Joseph, who are in different relationships with peculiar issues.
Michael is a gentleman who was engaged to Ayo only for her to suddenly disappear without a word or trail. After waiting for a while, Michael had an affair with Rebecca which resulted in a child. When Ayo eventually re-appear after many years, apparently from a sojourn abroad to pursue her career, Michael and Ayo tried to pick things up from where they left it but Ayo wouldn’t allow him because she feels betrayed knowing that Michael has a son already from another woman. Interestingly, Ayo also has her secret which she deliberately and wisely kept away from Michael in order to pursue her precious career. Now, Margaret; Ayo’s closest and most trusted friend who lives abroad comes back into the country unannounced with a child (Mikkela) she has always treated as her own only to find out that there is more to the child than she knows.