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360INTERVIEWS: Upclose & Personal With Playwright Michael Asuelime (BP Vision)

360Nobs’ Chinedu Obayi gets up close & Personal with the Brain behind stage play creations such as GREY AREA, SAME PAGE AND JOURNEY OF AN AFRICAN WOMAN. 

Mr Michael Asuelime is a Nigerian, a Gentleman from Edo State.  Michael attended Lagos Baptist Academy for his secondary education and is a graduate of Bio Chemistry from the prestigious University of Lagos.

He is a down to earth individual who is aggressively passionate about what he does and has special love for his country Nigeria. He has cut his teeth in the entertainment industry, having been part of the it for over 2 decades with many years spent at various aspect of the industry, he is a prolific playwright, actor, producer and a gifted director, he has written and directed many mind blowing plays to his credit.

He loves to help and can go the extra mile to put smile on the face of the needy. He loves to encourage, crack jokes with people around him but never jokes with his work. The Biochemistry graduate is also a public speaker with strong passion for the youth in readiness to take the baton of leadership.