Bpv Foundation


A tiny seed when planted in the right soil, within a given time matures; likewise an inconsequential problem when planted escalates into a vice in the society.

Daily hunger and starvation stretched over a period of time can lead even the most loving of parents to push their children into child labor, inadvertently exposing the child to accidents, child molestation abuse and other negative influences.

BPV foundation collaborating with all meaning stakeholders can proffer a sustainable solution to the prevalent problems and nip these vices in the bud.

BPV Foundation is a dynamic Non-Governmental Organization that uses entertainment perspectives as tools for human relief and nation building.

BPV Foundation was founded through experience and the inspiration to help the poor.

The foundation’s activities began in 2003 as Michael Asuelime out of compassion indulged in simply helping people, supporting those in need and visiting the sick.

In 2010, it was officially registered as a charity organisation in order to create a proper structure that would aid help and kindness to the economically challenged. While the foundation seeks to meet needs, it also aspires to educate the society on issues bordering around help.




At BPV foundation, the presumed most insignificant person matters as we will go through the odds to bring help to those who need it.

Just like a jigsaw puzzle, regardless of the size, once a part is missing the puzzle is incomplete.


To put smiles on the faces of people thereby building a better society

  • Meet the needs of the economically challenged
  • Emancipate the African child for leadership 
  • P: Passion
  • E: Enthusiasm
  • T: Tenacity
  • E: Experience
  • R: Reliability