Message from the Director

We've come a long way. Thanks to God.
Just like any other journey, this one has been with its ups and downs but filled with more of success stories. We are not unmindful of the support we have enjoyed over the years from our fans and supporters. To you all, we say 'thank you'. You occupy a dear space in our heart and we will continue to remember you all.

Just recently BP Vision celebrated her yet another anniversary of her official registration and formal commencement of business as an entertainment firm. For us, we have concentrated a significant portion of these years and energy on rebuilding theatre in Nigeria and we can boldly say; we are succeeding. As a company, 2015 is a landmark year for us because this is the year we fulfill the yearning and overwhelming demand from our fans; the year we recognise that we are prime for the screens. And thus far, we have vigorously pursued the production of our first major feature film ‘ENTREAT’ with unprecedented professionalism and style. To the admiration of many, we have meticulously taken every step of the pre production process with a sublime finesse; just as expected,a

… a lot of people are anticipating the final release of ENTREAT.

First, we had a Public Script Conference in order to ensure that the Entreat script is grand. The idea of this is to correct possible errors that could arise in the course of shooting a film- usually errors that could have been corrected at the scripting stage. So, in a bid to make the already great script even better, the invited guests who were drawn from different fields of endeavour made very profound observations and suggestions from different perspectives-writer, actor, producer, movie critic, movie watcher- which for me is the most redefining moment of the day. It was exciting to see that some of the guests already had their preferred and favourite characters in the script and tried to argue their preferences in order to win others to their sides. The whole experience surpassed my expectations and I do hope this will become a standard for every film maker in this clime henceforth; because I can confidently say that the Script Conference has added so much to the Entreat script. 

Now, I'm proud to inform you that we have taken pain to put together a combined experience of well over 200 years behind the camera to ensure that Entreat is a blockbuster. We have also put together a combined experience of over 150 years in front of the camera to ensure that Entreat changes the way we watch movies in this part of the world. Furthermore, we are conducting an audition to ensure that we introduce new faces into the industry that will stand the test of time and make a lasting impact in the industry.

… Watch out for them ‘cause you will love them!

My name is Michael Asuelime; I am glad to introduce to you the head-team behind ENTREAT.