“ENTREAT” the Synopsis

Sharon is a young executive who owns a growing consultancy firm in Lagos. She is in an open secret relationship with Tunde, one of her staff. Tunde loves Sharon but he’s not very sure if she will be totally humble and respect him as the man in the relationship. After a night out together, they had an argument over who should have settled the bill, and the argument resulted in a quarrel which took Tunde away from the office and separated them for some days. In a bid to resolve the issue, Sharon went to Tunde’s house and there she found something more interesting…a script; which Tunde has been working on privately.

The script became the film as Sharon reads and got engrossed in it. The script is a story of four friends; Michael, Segun, Muyiwa and Joseph, who are in different relationships with peculiar issues.
Michael is a gentleman who was engaged to Ayo only for her to suddenly disappear without a word or trail. After waiting for a while, Michael had an affair with Rebecca which resulted in a child. When Ayo eventually re-appear after many years, apparently from a sojourn abroad to pursue her career, Michael and Ayo tried to pick things up from where they left it but Ayo wouldn’t allow him because she feels betrayed knowing that Michael has a son already from another woman. Interestingly, Ayo also has her secret which she deliberately and wisely kept away from Michael in order to pursue her precious career. Now, Margaret; Ayo’s closest and most trusted friend who lives abroad comes back into the country unannounced with a child (Mikkela) she has always treated as her own only to find out that there is more to the child than she knows.

Muyiwa is a funny and sometimes stupid character who lives in the same apartment with Michael; a situation that makes him Michael’s closest friend amongst the four of them. He gives wise counsel on one hand and gives stupid counsel at the same time. His eccentric nature attracted him to someone like him, Ada who loves him just as much as he loves her. Their relationship is the type where both parties can bluntly express the way they feel without the fear of hurting each other and they are never ashamed of themselves. Yet people looking from the outside find it difficult to understand how they cope with themselves, but on the contrary, they both enjoy being together. Their characters serve as the comic relief in the film.
In contrast to the relationship between Muyiwa and Ada, Linda is an old time schoolmate who is attracted to Joseph; she loves him and has tried to project it to him. Joseph, on the contrary is not ready to give any other woman a chance, not even his daughter after losing his wife at child birth. His friends and everybody around him has great concerns about his position on any matter that has to do with the opposite sex.
While all of this was played out, at intervals, Sharon who is reading the script is shown expressing her emotion laden feelings about things happening in the script. Especially at times like when Ayo’s secret of been the actual mother of Mikkela and the real father been Michael. Ayo had lied to her friend Margaret that she was raped by armed robbers and couldn’t live with it, this secret actually turned the whole story around and Michael was devastated by the revelation and the deceit.
Joseph’s burden was however lifted at a bar when Segun invited him to share his travails with him. Segun has been married to Onome for 10 years and was a few days away from his 10th wedding anniversary which explains why he is shrouded in deep thinking. A lot of people from work, church and the community at large make their marriage the reference point and standard for a blissful marriage largely due to the way they act outside of home. But when alone by themselves, they are strangers. At the early stage of their marriage, they were lovebirds but things changed the moment Onome began to earn more than Segun. He became threatened and insecure by her sudden rise in status and they gradually drifted apart. As Segun shared his situation and his resolve to leave Onome, Joseph was surprised but was also quick to share his predicament with Segun; Joseph suspected that his wife Tinu was having extra-marital affair, he planned to confront her after she put to bed, but sadly she died at childbirth. He later confirm his suspicion when the DNA result confirms that Naomi is not his daughter, The agony of what Tinu did, overwhelmed his emotions that he finds it difficult to be receptive to any other woman. It also affected the way he relates with the child Tinu left behind, Joseph advised Segun to make things right while he and his wife are still alive. Segun got into his car excited and a little bit tipsy, on his way; he had a life threatening accident.
By the hospital bed, in the presence of all the friends, Onome shared the predicament with everyone and advised that if any of them have issues with their spouses, they should settle while they are still alive. Interestingly, she was also waiting for Segun to arrive that night to apologize to him and make things right. Unfortunately, he didn’t get home. This sad event helped Michael and Ayo to forgive each other. Helped Joseph to forgive his late wife, accept his daughter and went after Linda.
Sharon who has been reading the script that was played out learnt some lessons and went on her kneels to apologize to Tunde who then proposed to her. Seeing that it was a beautiful script, she arranged for investors to support Tunde in the production of the movie but not after begging Tunde to alter the end bit. They got the necessary funds for the film. We then see Tunde on the director’s chair at the end scene of the script been shot as we see Joseph getting married to Linda and Segun was wheeled into the church by his wife Onome as the best man .