Artists Under BP Vision


 MJ as is fondly called is excellently talented in acting. He started exhibiting his acting ability when he was 3years old, at such a tender age; you find him talking to himself and acting different roles all by himself without taking any cognizance of people around him. He is so confident of himself that he often boasts to be a better actor each time he sees a child actor in a movie. It is a hobby for him to recite every lines of the child actor in any movie he sees.

The greatest gift anyone can offer MJ is to take him to the cinemas to see a movie and give him a drama script to act. He has acted in many plays in school as the lead character; he just finished a production with the US based ace Producer Julius Onah, where he featured as a lead character in the movie titled BIG MAN which has won many awards both in Nigeria and internationally. He has featured in some calendars as a child model and has featured in some TV commercials for notable brands. He likes playing football, swimming, singing and acting. He has a Yellow Belt in Taekwondo. Michael Asuelime recently won the Afrinolly Award for Best Child Actor for 2013.